Tradeline Supply Company Review 2021

Tradeline Supply Company Review 2021

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An in-depth Tradeline Supply Company Review. Find out how to buy and sell tradelines. They will help you find the perfect tradeline for sale. Tradeline Supply is affordable, reputable, and our favorite place to buy tradelines. 

Having credit is a necessity when navigating through various parts of life. It affects your ability to get a loan, to purchase a car, home, and other big-ticket items.

Most employers will check credit scores as a part of their hiring process as well. To get a cell phone plan or apartment lease, you will also need credit. So, what do you do if you have a low credit score?

Purchasing a tradeline is one solution that has helped thousands of individuals in this situation.

The term “tradeline” is a name for any credit account that appears on someone’s credit report.

How tradelines work is that it gives someone seeking to improve their credit score an “authorized user” position on a credit card.

This person is not held liable for any charges that occur on the account. But the credit card history of the primary account holder is added to the authorized user’s credit report as well.

By inheriting the payment history of the credit card, it can boost the authorized user’s credit score.

Tradeline Supply is one of the best tradeline companies around. They offer an intuitive online platform that enables people to buy and sell tradelines with ease.

Read our in-depth review of Tradeline Supply if you are considering this credit-building strategy.

What Is Tradeline Supply Company?

Founded in 2017, Tradeline Supply Company is a relative newcomer that’s made a big splash in the tradeline industry. Part of the reason for its success is that its offerings start out at a much more affordable price compared to many of its competitors.

Tradeline Supply Company also makes its list of available tradelines visible on its website, so users can search on their own for a tradeline that’s within their budget. This straightforward user platform has made them a favorite among those looking to boost their credit history by purchasing a tradeline.  

When you buy a tradeline, what you’re actually buying is the right to be added as an authorized user to another person’s account. Tradeline Supply Company acts as a middleman between buyers and sellers through its online platform. 

Tradeline Supply Company is quick to note on its website that it doesn’t guarantee your credit score will go up because you purchase a tradeline. However, no tradeline company can make that promise. 

Instead, what Tradeline Supply Company can do is give you access to legitimate credit accounts with a long history, positive payment history, or both. While you won’t stay on the account as an authorized user forever, the idea is that you’ll remain on it long enough to see your credit history improve. 

Like all good tradeline companies, Tradeline Supply Company doesn’t guarantee a specific number increase to your credit score. However, it does make several guarantees that can give you peace of mind.

Specifically, Tradeline Supply Company guarantees you’ll show up as an authorized user on the tradelines you purchase for a minimum of two reporting cycles. It also guarantees reporting to two out of the three credit bureaus. 

Additionally, Tradeline Supply Company says that every tradeline it sells has a credit utilization ratio of 15 percent or lower, and that all of its tradelines have a perfect payment history with no late payments. 

How Does Tradeline Supply Company Work?

Tradeline Supply Company works as the middleman for buyers and sellers of tradelines. This is like how eBay and Amazon work for those that use their platform to buy and sell products.

Once someone purchases a tradeline, you will be added to the selected account as an authorized user for a specified period. Your status will remain for the amount of time it takes for your credit history to improve.

Since they cannot guarantee a user will increase their credit score by purchasing a tradeline, they’ve made other guarantees that should give peace of mind:

  • A minimum of two reporting cycles as an authorized user on the purchased tradeline.
  • Two out of the three credit bureaus will receive reporting during these reporting cycles.
  • Every tradeline on their platform is guaranteed to have a credit utilization ratio of 15 percent or less.
  • A good payment history that’s absent of late payments on every tradeline.

Tradeline Supply Company Pros & Cons


  • Might help to improve your credit score
  • Provides sellers a way to make money
  • You can buy individual tradelines to create your perfect package
  • A simple alternative to the best credit repair services options
  • The platform is easy to use
  • An established company that vets sellers carefully


  • No debt consolidation or access to the funds
  • The seller could lose their credit card if they’re not careful

What Is Tradeline Supply Company Best For? 

To kick off our Tradeline Supply Company review, let’s talk about what this company does. It is not an intermediary. It connects those who want to buy tradeline packages with people with tradelines for sale. 

If you need help with debt consolidation loans or to find debt consolidation lenders, look elsewhere. With a tradeline, you’ll be listed as an authorized user on someone else’s card. You’re essentially renting their good credit history.

You don’t have access to the funds and won’t be able to use the card. The person selling their tradeline has the card delivered to their home and uses it once in a while. This process might help to start your credit repair online process. 

The primary benefit comes from the primary user using the tradeline and paying it on time. If they do this, you may improve payment history and your credit utilization rate.

Tradeline Supply Company Customers Reviews

Is Tradeline supply BBB-rated? Tradeline Supply is not accredited by the BBB, however the company has an A- rating. There is only one negative Tradeline Supply Company review on the Better Business Bureau.

Most of the Tradeline Supply reviews from other websites are positive. 

The Positives 

The typical Tradeline Supply Company review on Reddit for buyers is positive. Clients appreciate the affordable pricing, excellent service, and simple platform. Many clients report an increase in their credit rating. 

The Negatives 

The complaints are primarily from sellers pointing to the discounted commission structure and how long it takes to sell. One client complained that their purchase did not affect their credit report.

The company offers a guarantee that your line will list on the bureau within the reporting cycle. If it doesn’t, you may claim a refund on that account.

I purchased a tradeline because I had a very new credit history – about 4 months. It hit my account In less than 20 days and boosted my score over 100 points. I was LITERALLY ASTONISHED. Thanks guys! Highly reccomended!

Joel Adrian Harris

I have purchased trada lines for 3 separate customers. After about 3 weeks ALL three credit scores improved dramatically. One client saw a 160 point increase, the Second saw a 66 point increase and the third one now has a 712 mid cant thank Lu at Tradeline Supply for all his help and guidance. I look fon,vard to doing LOTS of business with him in 2020. Thanks Howard!!

Howard Huff

How will Tradeline Supply Improve your Credit Score?

Buying a tradeline through Tradeline Supply Company gives you temporary access to someone else’s credit account. Sometimes parents will add their child as an authorized user to their credit card to help them improve their credit history.

But those that do not have a parent or other relative to help them can buy a tradeline as an alternative.

Once you’re added as an authorized user, you are given a boost to your credit history that can be leveraged to help qualify for a loan.

Potential lenders will see the credit history and positive payment history from the tradeline, which can increase your chances of being approved for a loan.

Here are three ways that purchasing a tradeline can help:

1. The Lengthy Credit History of the Account is Yours

The account’s history is temporarily part of your credit report. Those who have little or no credit history benefit the most from this bump.

2. Improved Credit Utilization

Credit utilization is the amount of credit you are using versus how much total available credit is available.

For example, if you have a credit card that has a $1,000 credit limit and you have a balance of $300, then your credit utilization is 30 percent.

Keeping your credit utilization below 30 percent is best practice. Now, if you add a tradeline that has a $10,000 cred limit, that brings your total available credit to $10,700. Your new credit utilization is 2.8 percent.

3. You Get the Benefit of the Account’s (on-time) Payment History

The established positive payment history of the tradeline benefits your credit when the account is posted to your credit file.

Is Selling My Credit History Legal?

Selling your credit history is legal, as is buying someone else’s credit history. There are no laws that forbid the buying or selling of tradelnes.  

Before you sell (or buy), however, you should keep in mind that there are risks involved in buying or selling tradelines.

If you’re buying a tradeline, it’s important to work with a reputable company. You should also know that some lenders are savvy about spotting authorized user accounts and might turn you down for a loan or other credit offer if you can’t confirm your relationship to the owner of the account.  

If you’re selling, be certain the tradeline company is legitimate. Also ask about their policy regarding your personal information, as you want to feel confident they’re not going to sell or otherwise disseminate your financial or personal data to third parties.

Sellers should also ask how often the tradeline company sells a given tradeline. This is because adding too many authorized users to your account can cause credit card companies and other creditors to cancel your account altogether.  

Whether you’re selling or buying, it’s also important to steer clear of companies that promise specific results. While a tradeline can certainly improve your credit situation, no legitimate tradeline company will guarantee your credit score will increase by a certain number.

Should I Sell My Credit Through Tradeline Supply Company?

Before you sign on to sell your credit account with a tradeline company, you should take time to make sure it’s a good decision. As Tradeline Supply Company itself points out on its website, there is a risk involved in selling your tradelines, as it can lead to getting your account suspended or canceled. 

If you’re comfortable taking the risk, working with Tradeline Supply Company may mitigate some of the riskiness involved. This is because Tradeline Supply Company puts a strict limit on how many authorized users you can add to your tradeline during a single reporting cycle. 

By sticking with two authorized users at a time, you reduce the risk of your creditor flagging your account. This way, you still earn a commission while protecting the good credit you worked so hard to build.

5 Alternatives to Tradeline Supply Company

1. Repair Your Credit

Credit repair companies can help people by reviewing their credit reports and removing or correcting items that have been reported inaccurately.

They will dispute errors such as incorrect inquires, inaccurate accounts, and duplicate accounts which can take a toll on your credit score. This results in an improvement in their credit score.

Some credit repair companies also offer credit monitoring to keep you alerted on changes to your credit history or score.

Others provide credit counseling to help create a plan to manage your credit. If you want to follow a more “DIY” approach, then review our selection of the best credit repair software

2. BoostCredit101

BoostCredit101 is a competitor to Tradeline Supply that has garnered attention as a tradeline provider across the internet. They offer free tradeline consultations to those who are not sure if a tradeline is a right fit for their credit needs.

During this consultation, they can also explain how credit in general works and how tradelines work to help improve people’s credit. Consumers have complained though about their lack of care and were very salesy. 

However, their wholesales tradelines are more expensive, and the quality is not as good as Tradeline Supply. So, if you are serious about purchasing a tradeline, then Tradeline Supply is your best bet.

3. CreditPro

Another alternative tradeline company, CreditPro, has been around since 2007. CreditPro is a wholesaler to reseller tradeline providers. So, you will need to find a reseller that works with them to get access to their tradelines.

4. Open a Secured Credit Card

Those who have no credit, limited credit, or bad credit are not likely to qualify for a traditional credit card. If the reason you are pursuing a tradeline is to get a credit card, you might be able to qualify for a secured credit card.

A secure credit card works by holding money, which is called collateral in exchange for a credit card. It allows you to build credit as you make purchases and payments on the card.

5. Credit Builder Loan

Credit builder loans are another financial product used by people with limited or no credit to build their history. A lender holds your payments in a bank account or CD account until you have made all of your payments.

Once this occurs, you are sent the proceeds of the loan in one big lump sum. Credit checks are not required to obtain a credit builder loan.

Another benefit is that it adds to your credit mix since it is considered a loan product that can help increase your credit score.

Tradeline Supply Company FAQs

What is Tradeline Supply Company?

Tradeline is a marketplace that connects people buying and selling lines of credits.

How Much Do Tradelines Cost?

The cost of any given tradeline can span a wide range and depends on the quality of the tradeline. For example, a very old tradeline may cost thousands of dollars, while a tradeline that’s just six months old might only set you back a hundred dollars.

Is Tradeline Supply Company safe?

Yes. Your information is safeguarded. The person buying the lines doesn’t have access to your sensitive financial information.

How do I sell my Tradelines?

Go to the website and click on “Sell Tradelines”. Input your name, email address, and phone number, and confirm that you are not a robot. The company will send you an email with information on which cards qualify and what your next steps are.

Is Tradeline Supply legit?

Yes. The company is well-established and has several positive reviews.

Are tradelines permanent?

No. The lines run for two months before being removed. The positive effects, however, last for years.

How much can you make selling tradelines?

In the case of Tradeline Supply Company, you can make between $35 and $350 per authorized user.

Tradeline Supply Company Customer Service

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