Fingerhut Review 2021

Fingerhut Review 2021

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The Fingerhut Credit Account, issued by WebBank, is a barebones store credit card. It doesn’t offer a sign-up bonus (not even a discount on a first purchase). It won’t help you save money on future Fingerhut purchases. There’s no cash back or points or coupons to earn and redeem. It’s a basic store credit card consumers can use to finance their Fingerhut purchases and along the way build (or rebuild) their credit histories.

How Fingerhut Works

Fingerhut is an online shopping portal that sells “everything from furniture and bedding to jewelry to the latest electronics.” All purchases are made on a line of credit extended by the company and customers must repay their balances with monthly payments.

You’ll receive an answer immediately when you apply for credit, and some customers are able to start shopping instantly. Purchases that aren’t paid off in full after buying accrue interest, with an APR of 25.15%. There are no annual fees.

Fingerhut offers two programs for customers to receive credit: the Fingerhut Advantage Revolving Credit Account and the Fingerhut FreshStart Credit Account.

The Revolving Credit Account “may or may not require a one-time down payment when you place your first order.” The company states that this isn’t a fee, but a charge that will be applied to your order.

In comparison, the Fingerhut FreshStart® Credit Account is backed by WebBank and acts as an installment credit program. You’re required to make a $30 down payment on what you want to order. If you make payments on time and in full, Fingerhut promises to change your account to the Revolving Credit Account (and up your credit limit).

You cannot transfer balances or take cash advances from either credit option, and your credit can only be used with Fingerhut.

Fingerhut Pros

  • Easy qualification: The Fingerhut Credit Card has the lowest recommended credit score of any store card in our database. That may make it easier to qualify for than other credit cards.  
  • Can help build credit: The Fingerhut Credit Card reports your payments to all three credit bureaus, which can help you build your credit score over time. 
  • No annual fee or security deposit: Most other cards aimed at credit builders require either an annual fee or a security deposit. This is one of the few cards you can qualify for with poor credit and not have to pay either.
  • Opportunity to increase credit line quickly: After you make three on-time payments, the company may bump up your credit limit.

Fingerhut Cons

  • No rewards or discounts: While many store credit cards offer the ability to earn coupons or discounts on future purchases with every dollar you spend, this credit card doesn’t offer any such program.
  • Limited utility as a credit card: Another downside of this card is the fact that it’s only a store credit card—it’s not a traditional credit card co-branded with Visa or Mastercard. This means you can only use your Fingerhut Credit Card for Fingerhut purchases. 

How to Build Credit with Fingerhut

If your credit score is low, you can use the Fingerhut credit card to rebuild your credit. This is because Fingerhut reports your payment history to all three major credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

To use your card to improve your score, simply make purchases and then pay them off on time each month. It’s best to keep your purchases to a minimum so you don’t run into a situation where you’re carrying a high balance from month to month.   

Where Can You Use a Fingerhut Credit Card?

One of the main drawbacks of the Fingerhut credit card is that you can only use it to make purchases from the Fingerhut store. While Fingerhut says it offers the opportunity to buy from “select partners” from time to time, the company’s website doesn’t offer a list of these partners beyond saying they include “florists, insurance companies and others.”  

Can I Use My WebBank/Fingerhut Credit at Other Stores?

Web8anOFingerhut Credit can be used to buy thousands of products on fingernut_com, the Fingerhut catalog and over the phone. You may also use your WebaanR/Fingerhut credit to make purchases with select Fingerhut partners. You will receive otters from these partners trom time to time. These include online florists, insurance companies and others.

How to Apply for the Fingerhut Credit Card

The Fingerhut credit card application is available online, and Fingerhut says you’ll receive an instant decision once you submit your application. 

To apply, go to the main Fingerhut website and click on the “apply now” button in the upper portion on the main page.

This takes you directly to the credit application. Keep in mind that submitting an application means you’re applying for both the credit card and the installment loan, as there is no way to apply for the credit card by itself.

When you’ve filled out the application, just click “submit” at the bottom of the page. According to Fingerhut, you’ll receive an instant decision. 

Fingerhut Reviews

I enjoy my purchases, but I hate , paying shipping on overprice items ! That’s why I don’t buy a lot of stuff I shop on Amazon they have free shipping ! Sorry, you guys have to get with the program everybody has free shipping!

Paul Bates

This product is wonderful. Sturdily made, very attractive, piece of furniture. Extremely pleased. Useful Share

Pamela Caruzzi

Had an issue with a product I ordered, and customer service helped me out quick. Only had issue with one product ordered from them so far. Great products, and customer service. Useful Share

Michael Burkett

Alternatives to Fingerhut

The Fingerhut credit card isn’t the only option available to people with bad credit. There are several credit cards that offer a high likelihood of approval even if your score could use some work. 

OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card

The OpenSky Secured Visa credit card requires a $200 security deposit, but you don’t need a credit check or a bank account to qualify. OpenSky also reports to all three credit bureaus, so you can use your card to repair your credit score. 

Even better, the OpenSky credit card is a Visa, which means you can use it to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted. The annual fee is $35, and the APR is 18.89%, which is low compared to most cards marketed toward individuals with bad credit.

Discover it Secured Credit Card

If you’re looking for a credit card with no annual fee, the Discover it secured credit card is worth checking out. You can deposit $200 or $500 as a security deposit, which also acts as your credit limit. 

The Discover it card is also a rare secured credit card that offers rewards, letting you earn 2% back on fuel and dining up to $1,000. For all other purchases, you get an unlimited 1% back.

The Discover it card’s interest rate is 24.49%. According to Discover, you can upgrade to an unsecured credit card if you pay your bill on time and use your card responsibly. 

Capital One Secured Mastercard

The Capital One Secured Mastercard is another credit card with no annual fee. The 26.99% APR is a bit high, but you can avoid interest by paying off your balance each month. 

You can also choose the security deposit that fits your budget by paying $49, $99, or $200. According to Capital One, you can get access to a higher credit limit after five months of on-time payments. 

Fingerhut FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions and answers regarding the Fingerhut credit card.

Does Fingerhut Really Help Your Credit?

Yes, but only if you use your card responsibly. Because Fingerhut reports your payment activity to the credit bureaus, you get credit for your on-time payments. 

Does Fingerhut Pull Your Credit Score?

Yes, Fingerhut will pull your credit score when you submit a credit application, which results in a hard inquiry on your credit report. This is why you should avoid applying unless you’re certain you want a card, as accumulating too many hard inquiries on your credit report can pull down your score. 

What Is the Average Fingerhut Credit Limit?

Online reviewers say they were approved for a credit limit ranging anywhere from $200 to $800. According to Fingerhut’s credit account agreement, Fingerhut assigns initial credit limits based on an applicant’s creditworthiness. 

According to Fingerhut’s credit tips page, cardholders are eligible for credit limit increases as long as they pay their monthly bill on time. However, Fingerhut doesn’t offer any additional information about how much of an increase you can expect to receive. 

What Are the Fees for Using Fingerhut?

The Fingerhut credit card has no annual fee, which is something of a rarity among cards marketed toward people with bad credit. The APR is 29.99%.

Fingerhut’s credit account agreement also states it will charge up to $40 per late or returned payment. 

Does Fingerhut Offer Rewards?

No, the Fingerhut credit card does not come with a rewards program. 

How to Cancel Your Fingerhut Account

Canceling your Fingerhut credit card seems to be a straightforward process. According to Fingerhut, you must cut your card in half and send it via regular mail to Fingerhut.

The mailing address to return your card and cancel your account is:


Fingerhut Credit Account Services

P.O. Box 0260

St. Cloud, MN 56395-0260 

Before you cancel, however, keep in mind that closing a credit card might lower your credit score. This is because canceling could shorten your credit history.

Your credit history is a measure of how long you’ve been using credit. It’s one of five factors that determine your credit score, and it makes up 15 percent of your score. 

Because the Fingerhut credit card doesn’t have an annual fee, it won’t cost you anything to keep it, even if you decide not to use it. You can simply throw it in a drawer and preserve your credit history without paying any fees. 

Fingerhut Customer Service

Phone number: 1-800-208-2500
7:00am – 10:00pm Central Time, 7 days a week


Fingerhut Customer Service
6250 Ridgewood Road
St. Cloud, MN 56303

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