Ovation Credit Review 2021

Ovation Credit Review 2021

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In this Ovation Credit review, we’re going to show you how Ovation Credit works, its pros and cons, and whether its the best credit repair service for you. 

Who Is Ovation Credit Repair Services?

Ovation Credit Services, Inc., is a Jacksonville, Florida-based credit repair company owned by Lending Tree, the online platform for comparing loan offers.

Ovation helps consumers who have bad credit resolve their credit issues.

Eliminating your credit report’s negative items could create the kind of credit history quality lenders look for.

Ovation specializes in removing inaccurate information from personal credit files by submitting credit disputes and sending goodwill letters on behalf of its clients.

The service also offers financial management tools to help clients maintain good credit after completing the credit repair program.

Like Lexington Law, one of the national leaders in credit repair, Ovation is staffed by attorneys and paralegals who specialize in credit repair issues.

The advice and guidance you get from Ovation’s team should be accurate and relevant to your case.

  • Year Founded: 1976
  • Kinds of Service: Credit disputes, monitoring
  • Fee Schedule: Upfront and monthly
  • Monitoring Options: In-house, additional fee
  • Customer Service: Email, phone
  • Phone (866) 639-3426
  • Official Website: www.ovationcredit.com

How Does Ovation Credit Work?

When you sign on with Ovation, your personal case advisor will first pull copies of your credit report from the three main credit bureaus – Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

Your advisor will analyze your credit reports looking for debts that cannot be verified or confirmed, inaccurate information, or duplicate entries.

Ovation Credit Pros

  • Dedicated case advisor: As an Ovation credit repair subscriber, you’ll be assigned a case advisor who gives you more personalized attention.
  • Includes financial planning tools: All Ovation memberships come with access to tools that will help you build credit with better budgeting and debt management.
  • Offers standalone credit monitoring: You don’t need to be a credit repair customer to subscribe to Ovation’s paid credit monitoring service.
  • Discounts available: Savings of up to 20% are offered to seniors, couples, and members of the military.
  • Cancel anytime: No advance notice is required to cancel a monthly membership.

Ovation Credit Cons

  • Some features only available with premium package: For unlimited dispute letters and credit monitoring, you’ll have to upgrade to the Essentials Plus Plan.
  • No money-back guarantee: If you’re not happy with the results, you won’t be able to recoup any fees.
  • Few digital tools: As a company owned by industry innovator LendingTree, we expected more from Ovation’s digital tools. There’s no mobile app or web chat option, both of which are offered by many competitors.

Ovation Credit Services & Pricing

Credit repair services from Ovation are available at two plan levels, allowing you to choose the level of service best suited for your personal situation. However, there are a few services you can expect regardless of which plan you choose. Each member is assigned a case manager who will assist them throughout the credit repair process. This is something that not all competitors do, but it allows for better service as you know you’ll always be talking to someone who is already familiar with your case.

Ovation is also unique in that the company takes a more education-focused, hands-on approach to credit repair. While some companies simply collect your money and do everything for you, Ovation works with members to help them fully understand the credit repair process. This means you may be asked to do a bit more leg work than with other credit repair companies, but you’ll walk away better prepared for long-term success. Budgeting and debt management tools are included with all packages to help prevent future credit issues through better planning and education.

Essentials Plan

At $79 per month plus an $89 upfront fee, the Essentials Plan is Ovation’s entry-level credit repair service. The plan includes access to a personal case advisor who is assigned to your account and will guide you step by step through the process of filing disputes with the credit bureaus. However, your case advisor won’t be able to physically do much on your behalf, so you should expect a more hands-on experience. Members can also take advantage of a set of financial management tools through the Ovation web portal.  

Essentials Plus Plan

Ovation’s upgraded Essentials Plus Plan is priced at $109 per month with the same $89 upfront fee as the Essentials Plan. For the extra $30 per month, you’ll get access to everything included in the base package plus a few premium services designed to accomplish more of the work for you. Ovation will send unlimited letters to creditors on your behalf for the purpose of challenging debt. You can even request a recommendation letter from Ovation in the future to supplement loan applications. TransUnion credit monitoring is also included with this package.

Optional Add-Ons

Many credit repair companies sell optional add-on memberships with auxiliary services not included in their core packages. Ovation offers fewer options than some, but does provide one add-on for credit monitoring. Note that this plan can be purchased independently of credit repair services; you don’t need to be an existing Ovation member to sign up.

Credit Monitoring

Ovation offers credit monitoring through a digital platform that tracks and analyzes your credit score. The platform breaks down the different factors that affect your score and helps you understand how to improve your credit. You’ll also get notifications if anything changes, allowing you to identify and quickly respond to potential errors or signs of identity theft. This service is ideal for anyone planning to make a large purchase, such as a home or vehicle, in the next six months to a year.

All credit repair and monitoring services from Ovation require a free credit consultation prior to signup.

Ovation Credit Customer Reviews

I had very good experience with James Harvey he was very helpful and friendly explained everything to me that I needed to know with getting my credit back on track.. I am on my way to victory. Thank you!! Useful Share

Lawanda Harris

Awesome service

Marie was very helpful and I appreciate how ovation is very organized and they respond quickly .. very assertive and aggressive in addressing credit repair .. and it’s affordable with greater deals if you refer people

eddie andujo

I am just starting my experience with Ovation. My Representative James H is outstanding. His experience and knowledge is fantastic. I am happy I signed up for help. Thank you James for providing me such professional service. Useful Share


What Can Ovation Credit Remove From a Credit Report?

Ovation can remove a variety of negative items from your credit history — assuming the negative information is inaccurate, old, or duplicated elsewhere on your credit report.

Ovation can also ask for goodwill adjustments to remove negative information.

The types of things which can be removed include:

  • Late payments
  • Charge-offs
  • Bankruptcies
  • Collections
  • Judgments
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures
  • Liens
  • Credit Inquiries

Consumers should always remember Ovation — and any other credit repair or financial services provider — can remove negative information only if it’s expired, fraudulent, inaccurate, lost, or duplicated.

Your legitimate debts will remain on your credit report until they are resolved or until they age off.

How does Credit Ovation help repair your credit?

If you’ve recently been turned down for a loan or received a sky-high interest rate, you know the importance of a good credit score.

Repairing your credit is the best way to qualify for car loans, mortgages, personal lines of credit, and credit cards—and this is where a credit repair company like Credit Ovation comes in.

But it’s also important for other things, too.

For example it’s no longer good enough to have a degree and a great resume—many employers now obtain credit histories for all their applicants. These credit reports are used to make determinations as to responsibility and financial standing. 

Another place where you will almost always be subjected to a credit check nowadays is on a rental application—landlords view this as a way to decide what they can expect from you as a tenant. Many will overlook minor flaws, but they almost always have a minimum score criteria, and they also look for things like evictions and repossessions that might let them know someone is a bad credit risk. 

It’s important to note that there are particular laws governing credit repair companies and their procedures. These stipulate mainly that they can’t make lofty promises or charge you for services they haven’t performed yet. But there are also credit regulations that limit what can be removed from a report.

A credit repair company like Ovation Credit can only have inaccurate or fraudulent charges removed immediately. But in many cases, they can use goodwill letters to appeal to creditors’ good nature. These tend to be most effective in instances where there is one late payment among several on-time payments.

But no credit repair company can remove items that are accurately reported. In other words, if your credit card was charged off, it will likely stay on your credit for 7 years.

How long does Credit Ovation take to repair your credit?

With Ovation Credit’s Essentials Plus package, they begin processing your case the same day you sign up.

And once a creditor receives a dispute, they have 30 days to provide evidence that the item is yours, and many customers start to see results in that first 30 days.

You may see an item or two fall off your report and a jump in your credit score, and after that, you should continue to see some type of results every 30 days or until you discontinue your service. 

Keep in mind that no credit repair company can promise you a quick fix, or promise you any results at all.

However, with Ovation’s knowledge of the credit industry, they have a pretty good track record for identifying items that can possibly be removed.

Ovation Credit Repair is Best For

Depending on your specific credit issues, hiring Ovation Credit Services, Inc., could resuscitate your credit score quickly.

But you should know in advance that a credit repair company like Ovation won’t be able to fix bad credit if your credit history is filled with legitimately reported problems.

Professional credit repair from Ovation can be a good buy if:

  • You want a free credit consultation, alongside a professional credit analysis.
  • You need to repair your credit, but you have no idea where to start.
  • You need some expert advice about how to repair your credit.
  • You know you have inaccuracies but have no idea how to file disputes and appeals.
  • You don’t mind writing dispute letters and goodwill letters but you don’t have time to follow up on them.

Best Alternatives for Ovation Credit

Credit Saint

Best For: Overall Results

With an A+ from the BBB and consistently high customer reviews, Credit Saint should be on your radar as well.

The New Jersey-based company comes with monthly packages ranging from $79 to $119.99 and “first work fees” between $99 and $195.

Credit Saint’s programs are the most aggressive in the industry.

If you don’t see any improvements in the first 90 days, you get a full refund.

Credit Saint offers users a personal advisory team dedicated to their case, informative online resources, and a timeline and progress report to help you track the company’s work on your credit.

You’ll also get regular calls from your team to keep you in the loop and on track for success.

Lexington Law

Best For: Decades of Experience

It’s not a household name outside the consumer credit world, but Lexington Law has been a leader in the industry for nearly three decades.

It’s tough having the same conversations over and over with different people, especially about sensitive things like your past financial mistakes. With your own personalized rep, you can save time and focus more on the little things that can make a big difference.

Typically, you can make appointments with your rep beyond normal business hours, which can be helpful if you’re trying to avoid awkward conversations on your at-work phone line.

Lexington Law won’t offer the lowest prices with a base price of around $90 a month as of this writing. And the company doesn’t always get unanimous praise in customer reviews; it has a C rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The basic plan should be enough for most customers. You can pay for more support, including cease and desist letters and personal finance tools, but these services are available elsewhere for free.

All in all, most customers find Lexington Law’s staff to be knowledgeable and helpful partners as they seek to rebuild their poor credit.

Sky Blue

Best For: Customer Service

Very few companies will let you know if you don’t really need their help. Sky Blue has been an exception to this rule. This firm’s customer care staff offers free consultations that really have no strings attached.

Sky Blue will also coach you on the little things you could be doing to keep your credit score in better shape. Sky Blue’s suggestions tend to be well-balanced and tailored specifically to your situation, unlike some companies that simply send out blanket suggestions.

When you’re paying Sky Blue’s price of about $80 a month, you’ll appreciate the agency’s speed, too. The company gets to work within 48 hours and typically turns out at least five disputes per cycle (each cycle is 35 days) on your behalf.

How do you sign up for Ovation Credit?

Ovation Credit currently only offers a phone signup option—the number to call is 866-639-3426.

At that time, they’ll tell you how to get your credit reports to them for your free consultation.

Ovation Credit Customer Service

9143 Philips Hwy

Ste 560

Jacksonville, FL 32256-1369

https://www.ovationcredit.com (866) 639-3426

8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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