Credit Saint Review 2021

Credit Saint Review 2021

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You could repair your credit score by yourself. This is possible. But hiring a professional credit repair company will save time, headache, and possibly even money because a company could fix your bad credit a lot faster.

Credit Saint is one of the best credit repair companies in the United States, whether you need a credit polish or a complete credit restoration.

This review should help you decide whether to fix your credit with Credit Saint, with another credit repair company, or with your own DIY approach.

Credit Saint Company Review

Credit Saint opened in 2004 to help Americans fix their shaky credit histories. This company is highly regarded in the industry with many reviews ranking it No 1.

Credit Saint has maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau since 2007. This is no easy feat considering the frustrations of bad credit and credit repair projects.

Some of this customer satisfaction can be attributed to Credit Saint’s transparency and its 90-day money back guarantee which we’ll talk about next.

Credit Saint Pros

  • Fast, legal, and effective credit repair: The vast majority of Credit Saint clients (over 95%) see positive credit changes in the first 45 days (although each individual’s case is unique).
  • Open 7 days a week until midnight EST: Credit Saint’s credit consultants are standing by 7 days a week to help consumers with 100% free no-obligation credit evaluations.
  • Industry leading 90-day money back guarantee: If there are no removals, you are eligible for Credit Saint’s 90-day 100% money back guarantee. Refunds are limited to payments made for 90 days of service. For example, if you have been enrolled in service for 150 days with no changes to your credit history, the refund is limited to 90 days. Also, all cancellations are prorated, so you can cancel anytime and only pay for the days you received service.
  • Top industry accreditations: Credit Saint has been accredited by the BBB with an A+ since 2007, which is an exceptional and rare feat in the credit repair industry.
  • Wide range of removals: Credit Saint has transparent policies and assistance in the removal of erroneous items from your credit reports, including charge-offs, collections, judgments, late payments, bankruptcies, inquiries, foreclosures, and identity theft.
  • Flexible cancellation policy: You can cancel anytime without added fees.
  • 24/7 availability: Credit Saint’s specialists are available 24 hours a day through email or online chat, and you can check your progress through Credit Saint’s online dashboard whenever you would like.
  • One specialized team of consultants: Clients have the same team of credit experts available for help through the credit repair process.
  • Multiple plans to fit your needs: Credit Saint offers three plans tailored to your need for credit assistance. Depending on your situation, your monthly payments could start as low as $79.99.
  • Credit Saint keeps in touch regularly: Your assigned Credit Saint credit expert personally calls you at least once a month to make sure you are closely updated throughout your credit repair process.

Credit Saint Complaints & Cons

  • The initial work fee (ranging from $99 to $195) is higher than or comparable to most other credit repair companies. However, Credit Saint’s monthly service prices (especially the $79.99/month Polish plan) are lower than most of their closest competitors such as Lexington Law.
  • Credit Saint’s services are not available in 9 states (Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Ohio, Oregon, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, and South Carolina).

Credit Saint Versus The Competition

  • Credit Saint is one of the few services we reviewed that has a 90-day 100% money back guarantee (longest period out of the companies we reviewed).
  • Credit Saint has a A+ rating from the BBB (tied for highest rating).
  • Credit Saint’s monthly pricing ranges from $79.99 to $119.99 (generally lower than the average credit repair industry pricing range of $99 to $119/month).

How Credit Saint Works

When you sign up with Credit Saint, you’ll be provided with an online account page and assigned a personal advisory team.

The account page will include a timeline and progress report, as well as a credit analysis component. On that page, you will be able to monitor the progress of your credit repair program.

The company mails letters to creditors reporting negative information, challenging those entries based on inaccurate or incomplete information. By law, if an entry contains either, the negative information must be removed from the credit report.

Be aware! Credit Saint can only successfully remove negative entries from your credit report if the information is inaccurate. This is typically possible if the information provided by the creditor is either completely or partially inaccurate or in a case of mistaken identity.

However, if the negative entries are recorded correctly, neither Credit Saint nor any other credit repair service will be able to legitimately remove them from your credit report.

Credit Saint Plans

Credit Saint will work with you to remove all types of inaccurately reported information from your credit report including:

  • Late payments
  • Charge-offs
  • Collections
  • Bankruptcies
  • Repossessions
  • Identity theft
  • Damaging public records

Credit Saint offers three different packages to help you repair your credit: Credit Polish, Credit Remodel, and Clean Slate.

You can choose the service level that will work best for the types of credit problems you have on your credit report, as well as the number of inaccurately reported items it contains.

Each also has its own specific level of “Aggressiveness”, indicating the level of intensity the plan employs to challenge inaccurate information on your credit report, hopefully gaining ground on achieving good credit again.

1. Credit Polish

The Credit Polish comes with a medium Aggressiveness level, and provides the following services:

  • Access to Credit Saint Online
  • A 90-day money-back warranty
  • Toll-free support
  • Free Experian Score Tracker
  • You can cancel anytime
  • Late payment challenges
  • Identity theft challenges
  • Charge-off challenges
  • Collection challenges
  • Includes work associated with correction or removal of five inaccurately reported items

2. Credit Remodel

The Credit Remodel comes with a high Aggressiveness level, and provides the following services:

  • All the services offered under the Credit Polish plan
  • Escalated information requests
  • Bankruptcies challenged
  • Repossessions challenged
  • Includes work associated with correction or removal of 10 inaccurately reported items

3. Clean Slate

The Clean Slate comes with a very high Aggressiveness level, and provides the following services:

  • All the services offered under the Credit Polish plan
  • Public records challenged
  • Includes work associated with correction or removal of unlimited inaccurately reported items

Credit Saint Pricing

Credit Saint plans each come with two fees. The first is a “First Work Fee”, which is basically a setup fee to initiate your plan, while the second is a monthly fee.

The First Work Fee includes the initial work on your credit. That includes obtaining copies of your credit reports and writing challenge letters to creditors. The monthly fee will continue for as long as it takes for you to see the results you’re looking for in your credit report.

This is important to understand; that credit repair is not an overnight process. The company can’t simply obtain your credit report and remove old, negative entries within a specific time frame, like 30 or 60 days.

Because of the complexity of the various types of entries on your credit report, it can take anywhere from a minimum of 30 days to as much as several months to remove a particularly damaging entry, like bankruptcy as an example.

In addition, the more negative credit entries you have, the longer the process will take. The monthly fee ensures that Credit Saint will remain engaged in the process of improving your credit until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Credit Saint Fee Structure:

PlanFirst Work FeeMonthly Fee
Credit Polish$99.00$79.99
Credit Remodel$99.00$99.99
Clean Slate$195.00$119.99

You can add a family member to your plan, and that person will be charged an additional monthly fee. However, no additional First Work Fee will be charged.

Credit Saint also offers a 90-day, money-back warranty. You can request a full refund if the company is unable to remove inaccurate information from your credit report within 90 days of engaging the service.

How to Sign Up with Credit Saint

To sign up with Credit Saint, you begin by providing the following information:

  • Your full first and last name
  • Primary phone number
  • Email address
  • Complete home address

Once you’ve entered your basic information on the online application, you’ll then choose from one of the three service-level plans: Credit Polish, Credit Remodel, or Clean Slate.

The next step will be to enter your payment information, which should be a credit or debit card. Finally, you’ll need to electronically sign the Credit Saint agreement.

How long does Credit Saint take to repair your credit?

Credit Saint uses a 45-day repair cycle, and most customers report seeing at least some progress in the first one.

But you should know that many times during the dispute process, there is some back and forth correspondence that takes time. 

During this process, you may have to present further documentation and second disputes may have to be sent.

You should continue to see progress for as long as you are subscribed to Credit Saint’s services, but they will alert you when they feel they have accomplished all they can.

Should You Use Credit Saint?

Good credit opens the doors for lower interest rates on credit cards, mortgages, other types of loans as well as waive any utility set up fees.

If your credit report has several negative entries that you are certain are errors — and you’ve been unable to get them removed through your own efforts — the best strategy is to get professional help. If so, Credit Saint is an excellent choice for the job.

You’ll help your own cause if you can provide as much documentation as possible to prove the accounts aren’t yours, or that they’ve already been paid in the past.

You should also be aware that Credit Saint will not be able to remove negative information that’s legitimately yours, nor do they claim they can.

Finally, while you are engaging the services of Credit Saint, be sure to make all debt payments on time, and continue the practice even after your credit report has been cleaned up. Credit repair services are not a substitute for maintaining a clean credit record. That part is completely up to you.

Alternatives to Credit Saint

Credit Saint isn’t the only credit repair company around. But after more than a decade of cultivating a successful reputation and track record of removing false negatives, there’s a reason why the company often ranks among the best credit repair services on the market.

If you want more options, here are our top choices for alternatives to Credit Saint.

1. Lexington Law

  • Free consultation: 1-855-200-2394
  • Most results of any credit repair law firm
  • Clients saw over 9 million negative items removed from their credit reports in 2016
  • More than 500,000 credit repair clients helped since 2004
  • Cancel anytime


  • Free consultation: 1-855-200-2393
  • Average 40-point increase in Transunion credit score during first four months
  • Free access to your credit report summary
  • Three-step plan for checking, challenging and changing your credit report
  • Online tools to help clients track results

3. Sky Blue Credit Repair

  • Free consultation: 1-888-805-4944
  • In business since 1989
  • Quick pace: Sky Blue disputes 15 items monthly, track your progress 24/7
  • 90-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • Low $79 cost to get started, cancel or pause membership anytime

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