How to Remove Dynamic Recovery Solutions From Your Credit Report

How to Remove Dynamic Recovery Solutions From Your Credit Report

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Dynamic Recovery Solutions is a collections agency working on behalf of an original creditor to collect money they think you owe. This means you may receive harassing phone calls, excessive past due notices, and threatening letters.

Stay calm. You have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We’ll go over your consumer rights and ways to remove Dynamic Recovery Solutions from your credit report in this post.

What Is Dynamic Recovery Solutions?

Wondering whether or not Dynamic Recovery Solutions is a scam?

While their relentless calls might lead you to question their legitimacy, the company is indeed a bona fide debt collection agency in the United States.

Smaller than many of its competitors, DRS is staffed by around 100 employees.

The agency, headquartered in Greenville, SC, was founded in 2008. In 2019 alone, it earned more than $10 million in revenue.

Along with the name Dynamic Recovery Solutions, the agency may appear on your credit report as Dynamic Recovery Services.

Dynamic is a late-stage debt collector for companies in the following industries:

  • Banking
  • Health care
  • Legal services
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Student loans
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities

How Does Dynamic Recovery Solutions Work?

Dynamic Recovery Solutions is a debt collection agency that profits from unpaid consumer and commercial debts.

Debt collections agencies like DRS work on behalf of companies making collection calls on old debts, with others, purchasing debts from these companies at a minimal cost.

From there, they persistently call and mail letters to the debtor, also appearing on their credit report, until the account is settled.

If the agency is on your credit report, you either owe a debt or have been mistakenly identified as owing money.

Once DRS is on your credit report, it can stay there and continue to pull down your score for several years.

4 Simple Ways to Remove Dynamic Recovery Solutions from Your Credit Report

1. Write Debt Validation letter

If you don’t want to hire a credit repair service, I get it. Adding another expense may not be in the cards right now. Then you’ve got some work to do.

Start with a debt validation letter. Do this fast. You have 30 days from the date they first contact you. Write a formal letter that asks Dynamic Recovery Solutions to validate every bit of your account.

Ask about the original credit, the balance, the date it was charged off, and more. Ask for valid proof of everything. If they can’t supply it, they have to remove the tradeline from your credit report.

2. Politely Ask for Goodwill Deletion

If they validate the debt, it’s time to break out your best manners. Asking for a goodwill deletion is serious business. Dynamic has no obligation to agree. You did the crime, and now you have to do the time.

But you don’t. If you ask nicely and bring up the fact that you have a good payment history. Maybe you fell ill or were on vacation, and the bill got away from you.

Be honest, be sincere, and cross your fingers. Maybe they will delete the collection if you pay what you owe in full.

3. Negotiate a Pay for Delete Agreement

If the goodwill deletion doesn’t work or you don’t think you deserve it, negotiate a pay for delete agreement.

Don’t agree to pay the full amount. Still negotiate your payment, but the agreement should include Dynamic Recovery Solutions deleting the collection from your credit report.

If they agree, get it in writing. Never agree to anything verbally – it won’t hold up anywhere.

4. Professional Removal

Hire a credit repair company. Don’t hire just any company, though, make sure they are legit and GOOD at what they do. They aren’t cheap, but when the best credit repair companies do their job right, they can move mountains.

A reputable credit repair company (like Credit Saint) will dispute the collection every which way they can. They look at the smallest details – details we would never think to look at and dispute them.

If the collection agency can’t validate what they dispute – BAM, they have to take it off your credit report.

Is Dynamic Recovery Solutions A Real Company, Or A Scam?

Dynamic Recovery Solutions, LLC is a real, legitimate company. Originally founded in 2008 in South Carolina, currently headquartered in Greenville, SC, they are a medium sized collection agency in the US. With roughly 100 employees, they generated over $10 million in revenue in 2019. Their mailing address is 135 Interstate Blvd, Greenville, SC 29615 and they may appear on your credit as ‘dynamic recovery services’.

Dealing with Dynamic Recovery Solutions

By doing a quick Google search, we found out they are not accredited with the BBB but have been given a B rating based on customer reviews.

According to’s website, DRS has 302 customer complaints in 3 years, 97 of those consumer complaints closed within the past 12 years.

As a company, they have also logged over 1,300 complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or CFPB.

Their Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile is peppered with similar complaints.

A lot of consumers targeted by DRS cite issues with the following:

  • Faulty reporting
  • Failure to respond to validation requests
  • Inappropriately communicating
  • Improperly sharing private information

Can You Remove Dynamic Recovery Solutions from Your Credit Report?

It’s hard work to remove Dynamic Recovery Solutions from your credit report. Once it’s there, it hurts your credit score quite a bit and stays there for 7 years.

If you can remove it due to inaccurate or unfair reporting, though, you’ll be in a better position.

Dynamic Recovery Solutions Review

This DRS calls my number looking for my son who hasn’t lived at my residence in years. I live in Kentucky and he is currently living somewhere in Oregon. for the last 3. They call my phone saying that I will be in trouble if I don’t tell them where he is or where he working. My son is almost 40 yrs old, and I want them to stop harassing me.

Debra C

These people at Dynamic Recovery Solutions are calling me constantly. I tried to make a payment arrangement with them but they would not work with me so they are constantly calling. I want to stop their calls and have them deal with me via e-mail or mail

Patricia P

Dynamic Recovery Solutions Contact Information

Dynamic Recovery Solution Mailing Address:135 Interstate Blvd, Greenville, SC 29615

Dynamic Recovery Solution Phone Number: 1-877-821-1659

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